Yvelines. The powerful ecological message of Bertrand Piccard at the Biennale de Versailles

Following the success of his world tour in a solar plane, Bertrand Piccard succeeded with his Solar Impulse foundation in identifying more than 1000+ Solutions capable of protecting the environment in a financially profitable way. (©Michel Seimando / 78actu)

The margins of the Biennial of Architecture and Landscape in Versailles (BAP!), the psychiatrist and explorer, Bertrand Piccard, gave a strong speech, castigating “the current threatening ecology” and underlining the lack of “political will”.

78actu resumes the speech he made at the opening of the Biennale.

“When I did my around the world in a solar-powered balloon, without any fuel, without any noise or pollution, for a moment I thought I was in the future. Actually not at all. It wasn’t science fiction. This is what today’s technologies make it possible to do today. It was like a revelation. If I wasn’t in the future, it was because the rest of the world was in the past…”

Our world, that of the past

And to add: “The world in which we live is a world of the past. With some heat engines inefficient and pollutants, poorly insulated buildings, archaic industrial processes, inefficient heating, lighting, air conditioning, and polluting ways of using fossil fuels to create movement and electricity. Technologies dating back 120 years since the beginning of the oil field. »

“We have to change everything but it’s scary”

“When we say things have to change, that means we have to change everything. Replace everything with what protects the environment. And that is scary. I speak to you more as a psychiatrist than as an explorer, but change is scary. Therefore, we must change the narrative. You don’t have to change everything, but modernize everything, it’s rewarding. Isn’t modernizing going to be the greatest economic opportunity of the 21st century? »

So modernizing, is it expensive?

Ecology bECOMES the driving force of the economy. Getting out of this aberrant divide today between an expensive, threatening and sacrificial ecology on the one hand and a polluting economy and industry on the other, we can get out of the narrative. Thanks to the modernization of infrastructures, ecology becomes an economic opportunity, becomes exciting and unifying. »

“With the city, architecture, each of the great challenges that seem insurmountable, when it is seen as a problem, there are tangible, practical, concrete and material solutions. Energy is managing the consumption of efficiently. 75% of the energy produced today is lost, wasted, through losses due to infrastructure. So modernizing infrastructure means lowering requirements, while increasing industrial opportunities. When you lower requirements, you requires less resources and then generates more profits that allow us to repay the initial investment.”

Bertrand Piccard, explorer

The future: geothermal energy and heat pumps

“We see the importance of geothermal energy and some heat pump. That is a fundamental modernization. With a heat pump, you need 8 to 10 times less energy to produce the same heat. »

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“Demolition platforms exchanged on digital platforms to create the concrete we need. Less building materials are used because the forces are better calculated. We insulate buildings so well, sometimes with natural materials, that we can afford to have buildings with zero emissions during construction and zero emissions during use,” he recalls.

With waste, we can produce

“With the waste of a city, we produce building stones, gravel for foundations, we produce furniture, we recycle, the public dump should be a outdated concept. Pollution in rivers and oceans totally outdated. This is not wishful thinking, it is the reality of what the technical solutions in the world make it possible to do in an economically profitable way. »

Barriers to change

Why is this not happening? The IPCC has a whole chapter in its latest report that mentions the obstacles to the use of solutions:

  • – Bad governance,
  • – Lack of leadership
  • – Administrative inertia

And to conclude: “This event like today shows that we can go beyond this inertia, beyond this lack of leadership, this bad governance. Acting with political and administrative leverage is absolutely fundamental. Please do it! »

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