Yvelines. Health insurance gets the wrong file, she discovers an autoimmune disease

Isabel has relaunched the CPAM des Yvelines several times. (© Adobe Stock)

The lifting of medical secrecy is sometimes only due to a simple computer error. For at least two weeks now, Isabella can no longer access their medical information. Because, his medical file was confused with that of new wife of her ex-husband.

What is most disturbing in this case, especially for Isabel, is the discovery of a debilitating illness… which should have been on the file of the new wife.

“I discovered an autoimmune disease by connecting to my online file,” says Isabel, amazed. “I know his life that I didn’t have to know. I know that she is disabled, that she had a biopsy… That’s really what bothers me, medical secrecy”, she explains.

Even more problematic, Isabel receives benefits related to the disability status of the wife of her former partner. Conversely, this woman does not benefit from her payments. “She collected payments in my name. I discovered pending per diems on Ameli,” says Isabel. “She cannot incur expenses for her illness since she will never be reimbursed,” she adds.

The two have taken steps to try to resolve the problem. “I called the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) from Yvelines, I sent them a letter but the CPAM does not know how this could have happened, ”she assures. For the time being, Isabel is still on hold, the files have been blocked and the situation should, logically, settle down quickly.

What explanations?

For Isabel, it’s obvious. This is a last name based error. “The CPAM had told me about a potential hack but it must be a name error. My ex-husband’s new wife has certainly registered as married with the health insurance recently,” explains Isabel.

With the help of a cousin working at the CPAM of Yvelines, she managed to trace the error. “My cousin asked me what happened to my file. This is serious professional misconduct,” says Isabel, extremely annoyed.

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For its part, the CPAM claims not to have had an echo of this story, it is now working to resolve this incident as quickly as possible.

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