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Tesla hit the jackpot. On Monday October 25, 2021, the manufacturer of luxury electric cars, which has been posting good commercial results for several months, even in times of pandemic, entered the the very exclusive club of American companies worth over $1 trillion (€861 billion) in market capitalization (Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.). This is the 7e to cross this threshold. Moreover, that same day, Elon Musk’s fortune, almost entirely made up of shares in his companies Tesla and SpaceX, jumped by $36 billion.

100,000 Tesla models at Hertz

This valuation occurred with an operation carried out by the rental company Hertz. As part of its strategy to electrify its fleet of cars, the latter has indeed placed a large order with Tesla, i.e. 100,000 100% electric models, which remain unknown. It’s simply biggest order ever received by the electric car manufacturer.

According to Bloomberg, the cars will be delivered within the next fourteen months, knowing that the first Model 3 will be available for rental from November in part of the United States and Europe. This order would be valued at approximately 4.2 billion dollars (3.61 billion euros), leading to the doping of the action on Wall Street. This suggests that Hertz paid a price close to the catalog price.

For the boss of the car rental company who escaped bankruptcy, Mark Fields, Tesla cars “have become mainstream products; electric vehicles are now mainstream, and we are just starting to see an increase in demand and interest globally”. With them, electric cars should represent more than 20% of its fleet. Hertz also confirms that the arrival of Tesla should be accompanied by the deployment of superchargers throughout its network, i.e. 3,000 new terminals deployed in the United States and Europe.

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