Your bitcoin purse or life. Robberies are increasing in the City!

“Bitcoin or life! “: in the City of London, we racket cryptos in the street

In the business district of the British capital, cases of cryptocurrency racketeering are increasing. The attackers obtain by physical threat the phones of passers-by and transfer the cryptocurrencies stored there to their own wallets.

Rackete a mobile phone? Not profitable enough. From now on, in the streets of the City of London, we are no longer being extorted for our iPhone, but for our cryptos. This is reported by the British daily “The Guardian”, citing a report from the police in the famous business district. This speaks of a wave of “crypto-aggressions”.

The modus operandi is simple: the thieves physically attack passers-by in the British capital’s financial hub where six-figure salaries are the norm. The attackers take their phone, access the victim’s digital wallet and then transfer their cryptocurrencies to their own “wallets”. In all, several thousand euros of crypto-assets would have been stolen in this way, reports the “Guardian”..

When we talk about the security of assets and values, it’s always a very complicated subject, and bitcoin is no more immune to it than gold! In reality, as soon as one leaves the banking scheme, security becomes very difficult to ensure, and this is moreover one of the underlying reasons for the existence of banks! The primary business of the bank is to secure the assets and deposits of its customers.

More seriously, what is happening to Bitcoins today is also likely to happen to the banking apps that banks force us to have on our phones to even be able to pay online. If you don’t install these applications, paying with your card online simply becomes impossible.

One day not so far away, when all the riffraff will have understood that to earn money, all you have to do is racketeer, many of us will have a bad time and we will have a new type of miscellaneous fact that will hit the headlines. What is valid for smartphones and bitcoins is also valid for your classic bank account.

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