You will soon be able to rent a Tesla from Carrefour… And for not too much money

Taking advantage of growing popularity in France, the brand You’re here will soon see its vehicles available for hire under the Carrefour brand. A first that has its small effect.

Teslas at Carrefour, who would have thought?

Carried by a CEO often caught up in controversy, the Tesla empire is gaining ground in France. Moreover, the entity still dominated the French electricity market in the first quarter of 2022, beating the few competitors trying to develop their own solutions.

In order to affirm its base in France, the manufacturer will soon be offering its vehicles for hire from Carrefour. The supermarket chain confirmed it: “Carrefour Location, the leading vehicle rental network with 850 agencies in France, is accelerating the development of its offer with the arrival of new electric passenger vehicles including the Tesla Model Y and You’re here Model 3. […] Until July 31 and in nearly thirty stores, Carrefour Location will offer its customers the Tesla at the very attractive price of €59 the first day rental, then the prices will vary according to the models and times of the week (between €119 and €149 the following days). »

The brand adds its desire to make this new offer permanent by 2023, suggesting a desire to bet on electric: “Tesla’s vehicle offering will initially be available in 80 of the brand’s hypermarkets and supermarkets, then expanded more widely by 2023. […] This offer is associated with the deployment of Carrefour Energies through its 5,000 electric charging points available by 2025 for all hypermarkets and markets, with a 100% green electricity service. »

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