With its GaN technology, Wise-Integration reduces the size of chargers and their energy consumption

Based in the South, it is nevertheless in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes that Wise-Integration draws its source of creation. Spin-off of the CEA Leti (for electronics and information technology laboratory) based in Grenoble, the startup has opted for a deployment between Rousset and Nice, where it surrounds itself, from its first steps in 2020, of ” expert partners », explains its co-founder and president, Thierry Bouchet.

Gallium nitride, a strategic option…

In the land of electronics and semiconductors, Wise-Integration has chosen to rely on a technology less used than silicon, gallium nitride. A more efficient GaN technology in terms of energy, which gives it even more interest in a context of energy transition. Its assets are indeed not uninteresting, making it possible to design smaller chargers, all consuming three times less energy than a usual charger.

From its R&D, the startup, whose head office is in the Var, has brought two products to market. Wise-GaN, a component designed and developed in-house, produced in a partner foundry, and Wise-Ware, software that can be integrated into a micro-controller and allows “ to obtain the quintessence of energy intake “, emphasizes Thierry Bouchet. The association of the two products giving a solution compact and reliable “.

…Which is exported

If a first fundraising in July 2021, in the amount of 2.7 million euros accompanied the first steps of the startup, a second round of funding, planned for 2023 and for an amount of 10 million euros , must financially support the deployment. ” Wise-Ware makes us disruptive “, analyzes Thierry Bouchet and to deploy it requires dedicated teams, with a strong export angle, in addition to Europe, to Asia and the United States. ” 70% of integration activity is done in Asia “, specifies the leader, “ this is where our customers are based “.

This structuring phase is accompanied by recruitment, technical at first, then in marketing and communication. In terms of objective, the startup, which employs 16 people, expects a turnover of 1 million euros for the current financial year, which should reach 10 million euros by 2024.

Telephony but also mobility

But to evangelize the market, nothing better than partnerships allowing to reach a volume effect quickly. And the technology of Wise-Integration is not only of interest to telephony but also to soft mobility. Including bicycles. Two partnerships have thus been concluded with French equipment manufacturers in order to offer a smart battery. ” Make the solution attractive », indicates Thierry Bouchet. ” We would like to be the first positioned in the ecological and eco-designed e-bike segment “.


On the other hand, the automotive subject is not on the agenda, but could be considered later, in a strategy to move upmarket. Especially since GaN technology is mainly present in the “consumer” segment, but could address the automobile as well as aerospace, believes the president of the startup, who recalls that ” we are on a post-silicon chain “. Which means, to evangelize, again. Except that the momentum that surrounds the energy transition plays the accelerator effect.