Will the green car insurance sticker disappear from our windshields?

The windshield of the French will undoubtedly be orphaned. France Assureurs, a federation of 247 insurance companies, wants to abolish the famous green sticker displayed on motorists’ cars for nearly forty years, and the insurance certificate or “green card”, which has been compulsory for seventy-five years.

This must-have in the insurance landscape, which has entered popular culture and is renewed each year, certifies that the vehicle is insured. “At the time, it was rightly created to combat non-insurance. But today we have all the technical means to simplify the life of the French and improve the fight against fraud, supports Franck Le Vallois, managing director of France Assureurs. We are hopeful that our proposal will succeed. »

The federation, which has been campaigning for this abolition for several years, has “intensified discussions” for several weeks with the three ministries concerned, those of the Economy, Transport and the Interior. “We have had productive work with all stakeholders over the past few months. They clarified a number of points. At this stage, however, no decision has yet been made, ”we say at Bercy.

In this period of reorganization, it will be necessary at least to wait for the appointment of the new government so that a decree can be published, and that its benefits are proven. “To implement this dematerialization, it will be necessary to ensure the full reliability of the dematerialized file, the simplicity of use of the new device for motorists and the police, and its articulation with the policy of road safety”, we still warn in Bercy.

A year to “prepare minds”

The disappearance of the sticker, which would prevent the printing of 50 million documents per year, and the information from this sticker would still be accessible in the File of insured vehicles (FAV), founded in 2016 by companies to fight against these fraudsters who falsify insurance certificates to slip through the cracks. The police have had access to it since 2019. Each company is required to register any new insured vehicle in the FAV within seventy-two hours.

“Then all you have to do is enter the license plate into the system and all the information appears. There may be, at the margin, errors in the registration of information, but nothing prevents behind to provide a certificate of insurance to settle the dispute. Reliability is over 99%! says Franck Le Vallois. It is in any case more reliable than a simple visual check, which cannot determine whether it is a fake or not…”

Insurers also praise the “simplicity” offered to users. They would no longer be forced to change their sticker, received by mail once a year. Nor to move with the insurance certificate in the glove box or the wallet, which they must transmit in the event of request during a control. At the risk, otherwise, of being fined 35 euros.

“We are largely in favor of this deletion. There’s no point in leaving that piece of paper. This may break habits, but it is no longer useless since everything is digitized, launches Pierre Chasseray, general delegate of 40 million motorists. Let’s go deep! This change will not happen in the short term. “After the publication of a possible decree, we want to prepare minds for a short year, warns Franck Le Vallois. We don’t want French people to panic not to receive the sticker in their mailbox as usual. »

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