why work-study training?

In 2020, nearly 6,000 work-study students worked in insurance companies. Of all hires, a quarter is done through a apprenticeship or professionalization contract. The work-study program takes the form of sharing time between the training establishment and the host company, under student employee status. The result is a professional immersion that has no common measure with traditional initial training, and which has many advantages.

Work-study/apprenticeship studies: a winning step towards expertise and integration

Recruiters usually say that between two profiles, with identical skill levels, they will favor the young person who has chosen the work-study program. It became a full-fledged method of recruitment in the sector. A preference confirmed by a hiring manager from an insurance company: “With equivalent diplomas, the work-study program is a real advantage and makes the difference between two candidates. »

Why such an interest ? Because work-study allows you to acquire theory but also direct practice, to acquire the codes of the company and to be as close as possible to the profession; so tohave a first professional experience. So many elements that seduced Lola H., student in Master 2 Actuarial Science: “I chose work-study training in order to gain experience and facilitate my professional integration by entering the world of work as soon as possible”testifies the young girl.

All-round benefits for employed students

The work-study formula is also rich in financial advantages for young people: financial support for their studies; receipt of a minimum salary equal to a percentage of the minimum wage, depending on their age and their level of qualification; access to all the advantages that may exist in the company: restaurant tickets, holiday vouchers, mutual insurance, etc.

But it is, above all, a direct support for success. First, through the permanent and concrete interactions between school and company. “We can apply the courses received directly in the company”notes Lola H. Conversely, you can also use the experience gained in business to boost your academic results during your training. “In my copies, I go further than what I learn in class, by adding examples from the field from my experience as an employee”evokes Cory, a student in Insurance Account Manager, currently on a work-study program with an insurance broker specializing in construction.

Learning the profession of insurer… and developing life skills

The work-study program is also a great way to gain self-confidence and develop soft skills, in particular thanks to close contact with professionals. In the forefront of which the tutor or master of learning. “I have a tutor with whom I check in when needed. If I have any questions, she’s my first point of contact.”, appreciates Cory. It is also an opportunity to test the different types of business (you can alternate over the years) and thus, to better choose your future path.

Do you plan to work in insurance later on?

To find out all about the sector and work-study, go to the portal jassuremonfutur.fr designed by the OPCO Atlas and the 4 professional branches of insurance. Open to high school and university students as well as to professionals wishing to recruit work-study students, it is a comprehensive information portal. For example, you will discover numerous articles and videos, concrete and playful, presenting work-study from all angles:

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