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The Land of Smiles attracts you and you have decided or do you plan to go and live there?

Knowing how to get treatment, how the health system works in Thailand, the prices of health care… is essential when you want to settle in a country. Indeed, remember to have reliable protection adapted to expatriates.

Focus on the Thai health system

Thailand’s healthcare system ranks high in the global healthcare rankings. Thailand has even become a coveted destination for medical tourism.

The universal health insurance scheme (UCS: Universal Coverage Scheme) provides free public health services through the Ministry of Public Health. However, if you are affiliated with the public health system, you cannot go to any hospital (except in an emergency), you will have to go to the public health center to which you are affiliated. Where waiting times are much longer, which is not the case in the private sector…

Inequalities between the public and private sectors in Thailand

The Thai health system is essentially based on a division between public hospitals and private hospitals. Access to healthcare is guaranteed for every citizen. However, there is a disparity between these two sectors. Indeed, in the public sector, prices are low and doctors are well trained, but waiting times before treatment can be very long. Also, you can’t choose your doctor.

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