Why is it not good to sleep with the television in your bedroom? The mistake that many people make

To sleep, many like to spend their time in front of the television. However, this habit should be banned because it negatively impacts sleep. Several studies claim that staying in front of the screen interferes with falling asleep and has a considerable impact on rest.

Many people enjoy going to bed in front of a good movie. However, this common habit is harmful if you want to enjoy restful sleep. It is rather recommended to leave the screens out of your room to promote a quick sleep.

Using television as a sleep aid is a fairly common practice. Viewing screens before bed may be a way to unwind after a stressful day at work. But know that this nighttime habit can do you more harm than good. Find out why it’s not good to sleep with the television in the bedroom.

It is not advisable to sleep with the television in the bedroom

watch tv bed

Watching TV in bed – Source: spm

For many, watching TV before bed is seen as a relaxation ritual. The sound is ideal for those who suffer from stress and can be a help in disconnecting from the anxious thoughts that invade the mind before going to bed.

A team of Austrian researchers conducted a study that measured the brains of 17 sleeping adults (14 women and 3 men with an average age of 22) in response to familiar and unfamiliar voices such as when you leave the television on.

None of the participants suffered from sleep disturbances. In an effort to find an answer, participants were given polysomnography equipment that measures brain waves, breathing, muscle tension, movement and heart activity during a full night’s sleep.

Scientists have shown that the habit of watching television before bed prevents you from having a good night’s sleep and restful sleep.

What are the conclusions of the study?

watching tv

Watch TV – Source: spm

While they slept, they received auditory stimuli through loudspeakers, spoken either by a familiar voice (like a parent) or by a voice they did not know. These voices were found to cause more K-complexes, which is a form of brain waves produced during the sleep phase.

Thus, they explained that unknown voices attract more brain attention, increasing brain activity and thus preventing a good sleep. Hearing these voices during sleep distracts the human brain and triggers large-scale changes in brain activity associated with sensory processing. A phenomenon that could be attributed to the long process of human evolution and the need to wake up quickly in the face of potential danger.

Television light, another disturbing factor

turn on television

Turn on the television – Source: spm

Television is one of the main factors that keep you up at night and it has been proven by many studies. Exposure to its light before bed stimulates nerves in the brain that control hormones, body temperature, and many body functions. Exposure to excessively intense light from these devices therefore prevents you from having restful sleep.

According to another study, exposure to artificial light has real health consequences, including an increased risk of depression. And for good reason, the human body is more apt to sleep in the dark. Light inhibits the body’s release of melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone.

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