Why equip your company headquarters with solar panels?

The issue of environmental sustainability has become part of everyday life and is reflected in a commitment to transform your business into an environmentally friendly system. As a VSE / SME, you can thus make an important gesture for your energy transition by installing solar panels. Indeed, professionals are not that equipped with solar power, except for farmers (20% of them). One of the constraints is that they must own the walls.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of installing a solar panel for a business and the financing possibilities available.

Solar panel for business: a profitable investment

Do you want to take control of your energy consumption?

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The profitability is what guides any business leader, even when it comes toenergy supply. Installing solar panels for a business can be an interesting financial opportunity on several levels. In summary, this allows you to control the energy cost by suffering fewer variations and therefore to secure part of the financial plan.

The return on investment of solar panels for business

Installing solar panels for a business strongly encourages self-consumption. Indeed, the activity of the vast majority of companies takes place during the day when the sun shines. The electricity used for the machinery operationI’lightingI’computer power supply and of all electrical equipment is then produced directly.

No need to store the electricity produced since it is consumed instantly! This has a significant economic advantage: instead of reselling the electricity to an energy supplier at a disadvantageous rate, you directly consume the kilowatt hours products and avoid buying electricity on the market at a higher price.

Installing solar panels allows you to reduce your energy bills (electricity and/or gas). These savings can reach 3000 €/year. This also makes it possible to be less affected by increases in the price of electricity. You gain serenity. Finally, if you do not use all of your electricity production, you can choose to inject it into the network and get a additional income. This allows you to make your installation profitable more quickly.

Aid for the installation of solar panels in companies

Green energy for businesses is an opportunity that requires upfront investment. Financing part of the work of installing solar panels for business thanks to state subsidies is nevertheless possible!

As with individuals, the self-consumption premium and EDF feed-in tariffs via thePurchase obligation or competitive bidding procedures are valid for business. The amount of this aid depends on the power and kind of installation chosen (self-consumption or total sale to an energy supplier).

Other facilities come to the aid of companies wishing to switch to photovoltaic solar energy, such as the VAT deduction or even the local funding launched at the initiative of the regions, departments or conurbation communities.

Register your company in the energy transition with photovoltaics

The benefit of installing solar panels for your business is not just financial. This type of project carries with it a commitment to energetic transition and the reduction of corporate CO2 emissions. A set of regulations strongly encourages these kinds of initiatives – “carbon reporting”, RT 2020 since January 2020 and category BEPOS (positive energy building).

Thus, companies are legally constrained: any new construction over 5,000 m2 must be designed with solar panels or a green roof. 90% of professionals use photovoltaics because it allows them to produce energy (and not just to absorb carbon emissions).

Installing solar panels for a company therefore means meeting present and future regulatory requirements with regard to the environmental footprint of companies. Use a renewable energy within your premises also allows you to have a responsible approach towards the environment. Participate in the energetic transition values ​​your brand image. This is what Lidl has understood very well.

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