Why do a Master in Insurance?

In 2020, the insurance sector was Europe’s leading marketwith a net result of €9.7 billion (source: ACPR/Banque de France). Work in theassurancemeans preventing risks and protecting individuals and companies at every stage of their existence, supporting them in the event of hardships and disasters.

The insurance sector, sprawling, covers multiple opportunities in terms of employers : insurance and reinsurance companies, brokerage or specialized law firms, banks offering insurance products, legal services for large companies, associations and mutualist sectors, etc.

As a result, for its more than 250,000 employees, a wide variety of high-level professions, in risk analysis, product design, advice, sale and management of insurance contracts: general agent of insurance, legal expert, actuary, broker, risk manager, adviser, account manager, compensation or marketing studies, etc.

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Insurance, a promising sector for young graduates

An area of ​​activity with a future par excellence, the insurance sector is in direct contact with the evolution of society. It is carried by a uncertain international context (damages caused by climate change in particular). We record no less than 15,000 new hires every year.

Far from certain clichés, insurance is positioned, moreover, as a sector not only dynamic and innovativebut also deeply inclusive and human. Employment policies abound there in favor of young people, co-education and diversity, gender equality, and the integration of disabled workers. Thereby, 60% of insurance company employees are women and more than 50% of annual recruitment involves people under 30 years old.

This is why moving towards the sector is often a great opportunity for young graduates, whether they choose to work with individuals or large business groups. Especially since the advantages of the sector are multiple: flexibility, geographical mobility encouraged, motivating remuneration… Recruitment should accelerate in the coming years due to the aging of the age pyramid.

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You will meet experts, professionals and young graduates to discuss your future career. It is also a unique opportunity to discover the many professions that exist (actuary, broker, insurance advisor, risk-manager, etc.) and to ask your questions during e-conferences.

Why choose a Master in Insurance?

In order to meet the needs and expectations of customers, the insurance sector must constantly anticipate, adapt and innovate in the face of changing risks, the digital revolution and societal and regulatory changes. To think about and support these changes, companies are on the lookout for advanced skills, which can only be acquired through a specialized 3rd cycle.

These courses (masters, MS, MSc, MBA, professional titles) are open to very broad profiles: business school graduates, masters in economics, banking-finance or managementor even to those leaving science courses as MASS (Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences) or a engineering school. This training can be followed in particular in universities, but also in training organizations specializing in banking and insurance.

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