Why crypto investors resent Matt Damon

Matt Damon, who shot a commercial for crypto.com, is the target of memes and mockery on social media amid the cryptocurrency rout.

They have big ones, those who have invested in cryptocurrencies. Hit by the recent “crypto-crash”, they saw their bitcoin lose 30% of its value in 7 days. And they are a little angry with Matt Damon for advising them to buy it. The actor indeed shot last January, a commercial for the crypto.com platform, to the glory of cryto-currencies.

Since the misfortune of the company, forced to lay off some of its employees, they have had a great time on social networks, making fun of the actor and his investment advice. Some refer to his films.

“Fortune favors the brave”

“Matt Damon calculating how much he’s made investors lose since selling cryptocurrencies at the highest level,” wrote Alex Cohen on Twitter, captioning a photo taken from Good Will Hunting.

In the film, Matt Damon plays an underprivileged but brilliant young man from suburban Boston whose math skills are spotted by a professor.

Another Internet user publishes an excerpt fromInterstellarin which Matt Damon in cosmonaut gear violently pushes Matthew McConaughey.

“Matt Damon against everyone he’s onboarded in crypto last year,” High Yield Harry quips. This account also relays the video of a young woman shouting “Fuck you Matt Damon and fuck the cryptocurrency”.

“If I had bought 1000 dollars of bitcoin the day Matt Damon’s ad came out, today it would be worth 375 dollars”, publishes again on Twitter, the American journalist Jon Schwarz.

“Fortune smiles on the daring”, promised Matt Damon, in the television spot he shot for the crypto.com brand last January, evoking the great adventurers of History.

Matt Damon isn’t the only celebrity to give in to the cryptocurrency chant. Basketball player LeBron James also recently entered into a partnership with crypto.com. And Larry David, creator of the series Seinfeldadvertised for the FTX trading platform.

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