which technology to choose for video games, sports or movies?

After several years spent with high-end QLED and OLED televisions, we are now able to share the strengths and weaknesses of each technology.

What is QLED?

“Quantum dot” screens rely on the insertion of a layer of liquid nanocrystals between the LCD screen and the LED backlight system. We have dedicated an entire article to them.

Should I buy an OLED or QLED TV? This question, you may have asked yourself when taking the plunge. After all, we do not buy such a product every day and, for those who want to have fun by investing several hundred euros, the fear of making a mistake exists. In a way, the OLED versus QLED match can be summed up as a confrontation, in the shadows, between Samsung, which refuses buy tiles from LG OLED to sublimate the LCD, and LG, which provides all the OLED panels on the market. Either a face-to-face between the two Korean giants.

But the fact remains that the consumer does not care about this technological and industrial war: what he wants is above all a beautiful image, if possible out of the box. And when deciding on which OLED or QLED offers the best rendering, it is indeed the eyes – as well as the uses – which decide instead of press releases full of promises.

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