which is the fastest electric?

The Tesla Model S Plaid is the queen of the drag race. Anyway, the queen of cars that don’t cost $3,000,000 like the Rimac Nevera. But just how much faster is it really than its two biggest electric rivals? This video answers you through a confrontation with the Lucid Air and the Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

There are 3,000 horses on the starting line. Thanks to the DragTimes YouTube channel, we can watch what appears to be the first race between the three electric super sedans. To film this race, the team visited John Hennessey and ran the cars through his facility. Previously released videos showed the Lucid taking on the Tesla and then the Lucid taking on the Porsche, but this race features a showdown between the three. And as in all the previous videos, the Model S Plaid escapes in front of its two rivals without great difficulty. What is interesting is to see how much faster it is.

It is not very surprising that it is faster than the Taycan, simply because it has 1,020 hp (750 kw) while the Taycan has to make do with 761 hp (551 kw). But it’s also important to consider that the Porsche weighs almost 226 kg more than the Tesla. So the weight / power ratio is less good. This same principle applies to the Lucid which has more power1,111 horsepower, but still weighs 2,358 kg. This extra weight puts her totally out of the running for first place.

Who for the P2?

The three races take place exactly the same way, the two American cars escape in front of the Porsche as if it were any car. Even when the cars line up and race from the rolling start, it’s impossible to dethrone Queen Tesla.

This also highlights another interesting aspect of online EV racing. Since zero-emission vehicles simply require the driver to be able to hold the accelerator pedal down, they are much easier to drive than an equivalent internal combustion engine car that requires more control. Here, there is no room for chance: the one with the best weight/power ratio wins.

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