when Ghibli gets into crypto and NFTs

The new MMO Ni no Kuni with worlds and characters designed by Studio Ghibli is actually based on cryptocurrency

Nice fantasy RPG with adorable graphics proposed by the artists of studio Ghibli, Ni no Kuni was able to establish itself as a singular title of the genre. After a first opus released on PlayStation 3 in the West and a more recent second episode released in 2018 on PlayStation 4 and PC, the series of Ni no Kuni continues to be talked about with its latest game. We are not talking here about the remasters of the first game or the Switch port of the second opus but rather about Ni no Kuni: Cross Worldsa Mobile MMORPG developed by Korean studio Netmarble.

Released in 2021 on the Korean market, the game has just arrived in our country May 25. Just as beautiful as its predecessors, the title still arrives with its share of flaws, and not the least. Indeed, from the first days of games, players complained about the abusive pay-to-win system of the title, completely ruining the PvE and PvP experiences the game offers.

Where a gacha pushes consumption, the content has the merit of being obtained randomly. In the case of Ni no Kuniplayers complain about the in-game store which offers all the content in direct access provided you pay the price. And unfortunately, the game’s economy system turned out to be even more problematic than players thought. Besides ruining the free-to-play experience, in-game currency can be used as cryptocurrency to fuel the NFT market.

From gacha to bitcoin there is only one step

The western version of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds offers to transform the Territe obtained in game into Territe Token which can then be transferred to Netmarble’s exclusive crypto wallet: MARBLEX. Once in this wallet, MARBLEX can be transformed into other more well-known cryptocurrencies.

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This feature is not not available in Korea because speculation in video games is prohibited, rightly so. These practices can endanger the youngest players, but not only. Bringing such a system into a game poses a number of problems whether they are confined to the gameplay itself or to the attack on the players.

While the market for NFTs is already collapsing, some games continue to insist on integrating them into their content despite the constant criticism of this new concept. Ni no Kuni is no exception to this, and although no NFTs have been integrated into the game yet, it will not be long in coming. Indeed, the Netmarble program indicates his goal to implement them to the game by the end of the year. Thus, it will be possible to buy game elements as non-fungible tokens, which means that there will then be NFTs indirectly signed Ghibli.

Whether we support the concept of NFTs as such or not, their addition to video games has so far onlygenerate imbalances that stain the experiences offered. NFTs have yet to show any real usefulness in this industry, and doubt hangs over their ability to really impose themselves one day or another.

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