WhatsApp: beware of this scam that could compromise your account

Beware of this new scam concerning the world-famous WhatsApp messenger. According to a company specializing in the prevention of cyberattacks (CloudSEK) relayed by PhonAndroid, the subsidiary of Meta would be the victim of a worrying attack that is very easy to carry out by web pirates. Indeed, it would be enough for the crooks to call a random person on the application, before asking him to dial a telephone number, claiming a good reason.

According to our colleagues, if the user runs, he finds himself disconnected and the hacker takes control of the account: it is now too late. “Once the hacker has access to the account, he demands money from the victim’s contacts,” explains Rahul Sasi, founder of CloudSEK. The relatives of the victim are then robbed before the owner of the account realizes the scam. “As providers around the world use numbers starting with ’67’ or ‘405’, victims tend to call without hesitation,” regrets the specialist.

Cryptocurrencies attract covetousness

As PhonAndroid reminds us, there are many ways to get rich by taking control of a WhatsApp account, first by seizing that of a professional who could deceive his customers. But also thanks to the launch of the Novi cryptocurrency wallet in the application. In the United States, users can transact through the USDP stablecoin. It attracts lusts. If Meta says it wants to fight hard against cyberattacks and hackers by taking legal action against those who attack its platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp), there are more and more scams of this kind.

Last year, several users of Facebook’s messaging application, Messenger, received strange messages with a video. A hacking attempt that aimed to take control of the user’s account. For its part, WhatsApp multiplies the new features to retain its customers. On these applications, it is recommended above all to activate two-factor authentication to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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