“Whatever your insurance, you have storm and hail cover”

While the violent storms that hit Indre at the start of the week have passed for more than 48 hours, the damage is still very significant, and far from being completely repaired, and the lines of customers in front of the insurance companies are always long. We take stock of France Bleu Berry with Christine Alexandre, from the Insurance Documentation and Information Center in Indre.

Take precautionary measures while waiting for specialists

Since Monday, policyholders have been calling and going to their insurance company to report claims in their homes or on their cars following the violent storms that hit the Indre. Even if the census is very provisional, Christine Alexandre indicates that “The most common claims concern cars, and impacts on bodywork. But the most important in terms of damage concerns homes, some residents no longer have a roof to live on.” So she reminds the priority is to take urgent measures to protect their habitat as much as possible.n, the roofers being overwhelmed and unable to intervene immediately on all claims.

If possible, we tarpaulin, we replace the tiles or slates to protect the interior of the house, it is the first thing to do.

All this of course without taking any risks. Then you have to make an appointment with a roofer so that he can repair the damage.

Two years of cover after declaration of the loss

The legal deadline for declaring a claim to your insurance company, whether it concerns your house or your car, is five days. But Christine Alexandre wants to reassure the inhabitants: “Given the extent of the bad weather, insurers should be less careful, if you warn them six days later.” moreover, if the state of natural disaster is recognized, the period will be extended to 10 days; but the decision has not been made yet, so it is better to be careful.
And once the statement is made, you are also open in case of late discovery of the consequences of bad weatherlike infiltrations that would appear later.

From the moment your claim is declared, it will be covered for two years. If you discover damage in six months, a year, everything will be taken care of.

Christine Alexandre also explains that “hail and storm cover is included in all insurance contracts, even if you are only covered by third parties”. It is not the recognition of the state of natural disaster, requested by the presidents of the department and of Châteauroux Métropole, which provides cover for all the victims: it will however allow the deployment of more resources to move forward more quickly in the disaster. compensation and settlement of damages.

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