What would be the best way to strengthen your long-term memory?

According to a study, there is an easy method to improve your long-term memory and it involves reading.

We can all have a way that we think is more or less effective for remembering certain things. Consult them once a day or on the eve of a service. But is there a virtually foolproof way to permanently mark information in our minds? A study published in 2017, and conducted jointly by Professors Noah D. Forrin and Colin M. MacLeod, provides a seemingly very simple method to strengthen your memory.

The study, published in the journal Memory, reveals that the most effective way to remember information is to say it out loud. To reach this conclusion, the researchers compared different ways of learning written data: by reading it silently, by listening to someone else read it, by listening to a recording of themselves, and finally by listening to it read out real time.

Easier to learn by heart because you involve your own person

Reading aloud in real time has therefore proven to be the most effective method. This is stated by the authors of the study “The production is memorable in part because it contains a distinctive, self-referential component. This may well explain why repetition is so valuable for learning and memorization: we do it ourselves, and we do it in our own voice. When it’s time to retrieve information, we can use this distinctive component to help us remember.”

Other means can give good results

Although it is visibly the best of all for better learning, according to these researchers, hearing yourself read is not the only method that gives satisfactory results: “Mumbling, writing, and writing words have also been shown to be memory-enhancing productions, and have been shown to help as well.”

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