What training for banking/insurance professions in Lyon?

Pleasant living environment, cultural, sporting and gastronomic richness, there are countless good reasons to stop off, or more if you like, in Lyon. If the ancient capital of Gaul is turned towards the past it is also towards the future. A dynamism ofHigher Education which benefits the banking/insurance course.

Why study banking/insurance?

“Because all the economic indicators are green. These two universes are characterized by their strong growth, notes Amine Mhaijer, referent of the Bachelor Banking-Insurance sector at Exchange College, school of banking and insurance. The bank is one of the largest private sector employers in France , since it has more than 350,000 employees. That of insurance accounts for him, nearly 150,000. Graduates are thus promised a bright future. They can have exciting jobs in both bank branches and insurance companies. Another asset is extremely rapid development. The best people can expect evolve every 3 years. Not all sectors can say the same…”

BTS, BUT, Professional license, Bachelor: which course to choose to work in the sector?

There is no ideal degree. Before starting a course, ask yourself some questions. The first being the duration of your journey. If you are considering short studies, the BTS makes it possible to be operational in two years after the Bac. The essentials being the BTS Insurance and the BTS Bank Customer Advisor.

If you are considering a Bac+3 level at university, you have the GOAL (Legal careers; Management of companies and administrations; Marketing techniques, etc.), generalist or professional license. Still at Bac+3 level, but this time, by training in a school, there is the Bachelor. According to Amine Mhaijer, “The BTS remains a good diploma for anyone wishing to become a receptionist dealing with day-to-day business in a bank, or a contract manager in an insurance company. But for professions with more responsibilities, a Bac+3 or even Bac+5 level should be preferred. »

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“Do you want to do a banking/insurance course in Lyon?”

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How to become a banker (customer adviser) or insurer?

Private customer account manager, compensation manager, general insurance agent, deputy branch manager, professional portfolio manager or even insurance advisor, if any of these trades tempts you, you must aim for a Bachelor. “If it is possible to prepare this diploma in one year, recalls Amine Mhaijer, the very specific sector of banking and insurance requires complex knowledge, which must be acquired as soon as possible in order to be able to understand the functioning of the companies that are part of it. It is therefore better prepare a program directly after the Bac. Our Bachelor Finance-Banking-Insurance, taught on our Lyon campus, meets market requirements. It provides for general subject lessons (management, negotiation, digital marketing, communication strategy, etc.) and specializations (financial analysis, wealth management, financial and insurance products, management control, etc.). »

Banking/insurance in Lyon: can we train on a work-study program?

In this sector, work-study is particularly developed. “It’s even the companies’ preferred recruitment channel, assures Amine Mhaijer. We see it every day. To learn our trades, going out into the field to confront the realities is crucial. For the behemoths of the bank, such as the smaller branches, a job is guaranteed to whoever has opted for alternation. It is an irreplaceable experience. A real springboard to employment ! »

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