what is the advice of insurance experts

After the bad weather that affected Puy-de-Dôme and Allier on the night of Saturday June 4 to Sunday June 5, insurance experts are hard at work. To go as quickly as possible in the compensation of the victims, experts give some advice.

The scars of the storms and hail that affected Puy-de-Dôme and Allier are still very present. It’s time to take stock of the damage since the night of Saturday 4 to Sunday 5 June. Insurance experts are at work to help victims as quickly as possible, such as building expert Alexandre Gravelin. “What we can ask them to help us is to prepare lists of goods and works that are damaged, advises the insurance expert. But also to collect quotes and send us the most complete complaint possible even before the appointment of the expertise so that we can prepare the file in advance. In general, this allows us to settle the file on the spot ». One of the expert’s visits was the Vichy racecourse where almost all the roofs are damaged. Especially since rainwater has seeped into the reception building of the racecourse. “Like the sky, we have been crying for three days when it is only material damage, we have to put things into perspective, evokes Olivier Louite, director of the Vichy racing company. We are not in situations like those who lost houses or who have the ceiling in the children’s room. It’s material damage that will cause us work, that doesn’t scare us, and worries, but that’s what we’re used to”.

alexander gravel makes about ten visits a day. It will take several weeks to examine all the damage in Vichy for the insurance experts. “There is a total mobilization of people but beyond the workforce, there is above all a simplification of the procedure to help the victims of these events, insists Christophe Archer, another insurance expert. It goes faster, it’s simpler, we ask for fewer things, and there are advance payments to support the victims. The goal is to go as quickly as possible from the moment we have collected the elements of evidence and the materiality of the facts (photos), and the quantification of the damage. Afterwards, we very quickly release the fund ».

For those affected by damage the idea is to avoid further damage. “You have to protect as much as possible, for example for homes, it’s tarpaulin. Victims can take as much evidence as possible, such as photos. Everything that will be implemented to avoid the non-aggravation of the disaster cannot be blamed on them. The key word today is to be the most pragmatic possible “, adds Christophe Archer.
No worries about the small lines of home insurance contracts either, according to the expert, but as far as the vehicles it must be vigilant. “There are things to check in the contracts, particularly with regard to hail damage. Since 1992, there have been no natural disaster orders for hail, there have been for snow, storms. This means that the hail damage is associated with a damage guarantee such as the hail snow storm guarantee or the all-risk guarantee..

Experts in insurance ask the victims for patience. Vichy companies are visited as a priority so that they can resume normal activity.

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