What insurance is mandatory for a landlord?

Compulsory home insurance for condominiums

If you rent a condominium unit, you are obliged, as an owner, to take out home insurance. In theory, you can then settle for the civil liability guaranteealthough it is preferable to choose a more comprehensive contract in order to be protected from the main risks related to the maintenance of the accommodation, the construction and the damage suffered in the context of the rental.

Also, note that you must impose the subscription of a home insurance contract to your tenant so that the latter is also covered against the main claims that may occur during the rental and that may affect both the accommodation and third parties. It is therefore mandatory to ask for a certificate of insurance when the keys are handed over, then each year on the anniversary date of the start of the lease. Note that if the tenant does not provide you with this certificate, you are then entitled to sign a contract on his behalf and to pass on the amount of the insurance premium to that of the rents or you can terminate the rental contract if a clause so provides for this reason.

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