What future for the video game industry in Africa?

According to experts, it is to be expected that the potential, hitherto hardly exploited of the industry, of video games in Africa will explode in view of the number of players which has more and more doubled in recent years.

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The last Africa Games Week, the most important African gathering devoted to video games, in Cape Town, South Africa, at the start of 2022, reassured experts on the subject of their predictions of Africa being the next Eldorado of this industry.

Players were mainly from the United States, Europe and Japan until recently. But things are changing and Africa has in a few years positioned itself at the head of the continents with the most players, thanks to its greater youth.

“A lot of publishers come here and ask us for African content, which is a huge opportunity. It really is the best time to make games or try to get into the industry. We hope to see a massive growth spurt in the next few years. », explains Nick Hall, co-organizer of Africa Games Week.

In the past, modest infrastructure and poor connectivity have long held back the growth of gaming on the continent. However, with the improvement of Internet access, equipment is becoming more affordable. The Central African Teddy Kossoko has since 2018, created games that tell the story of Africa:

For me, the future of this industry, and not just this industry, is in Africa. This is the new El Dorado. Centuries ago there was a gold rush in America. Today, I believe that this gold rush is taking place here, on the African continent, and we must be the first. »

He moved to France at the age of 18 to study computer science and management and is the founder of a studio in Toulouse, Masseka Game Studio, which does video games. One of his creations allows players to use the avatars of African heroes, such as revolutionary leader Thomas Sankara, South African singer Miriam Makeba and ex-international footballer and current Liberian President George Weah.

We must teach young people to love themselves, to value themselves. There is a huge problem with this. And for us, all this is at the heart of our creations. We really want people to deconstruct everything we’ve put in their heads: that they’re not beautiful, that they’re useless. “, Explain Teddy Kossoko who carries a lot of hope in these creations.

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