what fuel does the Chinese Tesla Model 3 have?

The resemblance is obvious between the new Nio ET5 and the Tesla Model 3. But does the Chinese hold up in terms of on-board technologies?

Nio ET5 – The new 100% electric sedan from China makes no secret of it: she’s hungry for the Tesla Model 3 and does not hesitate to ape his figure to achieve his ends. But well beyond stylistic mimicry, the ET5 harbors a state-of-the-art technology able to cut cruppers to its Californian rival. In summary, under its classic coat, the Nio is not the lamb that one might think.

Similar architecture

Anxious to outclass the American, the Nio ET5 turns out, to begin with, longer by 10 cm with a rating of 4.79 mwhile she promises a good height under the roof by raising the latter to 1.50 m, halfway between Model 3 and Model Y. But given his imposing size, the Chinese disappoints when reading his wheelbase length (2.89 m), only a few millimeters better than Elon Musk’s sedan. From this point of view, the layout of the Nio’s platform seems to show a lack of optimization of space on board. And, for the moment, in theabsence of trunk volume data, it is impossible to decide between our two protagonists on this ground.

Warmer cabin

The interior of the Nio ET5 is also reminiscent of that of its US competitor. We find there the same atmosphere of stripping, where physical controls are rare. However, it succumbs to the fashion for digital handsets housed behind the wheel and materializes its personal assistant, baptized NOMI, by a round droid head, overhanging the dashboard. A friendly face that helps make this interior warmer than on board the Tesla.

Not as efficient

But above all, we expect this Nio ET5 to respond head-on to the Tesla Model 3 in terms of driving range and performance. At its launch, the Chinese will only offera single engine of 360 kW (480 hp) and 700 Nm, via two electromotors, when its competitor makes itself available according to two power levels. Thus, the cavalry of the Nio allows him to cut down the 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 secondsor more or less the acceleration capacity of the Model 3 Grande Autonomie (4.4 s), but far from the 3.3 s achieved by the Performance version.

Robust autonomy

The Chinese, like the American, offers three levels of battery capacity ranging from 75 to 150 kWh, passing through 100 kWh, in order to to rally from 550 to 1000 km. This is better than the Tesla which varies the level of autonomy of its Model 3 from 448 to 614 km, to date.

Price Nio ET5

While the Nio ET5 will begin its commercial career in September 2022 on its national territoryit should make its debut in the Nordic countries of the European continent (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc.) during 2023. New markets, such as France, could be invested by 2024, with prices starting around €45,000.

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