What does funeral insurance do?

Funeral times are always difficult for loved ones. Weakened by pain, it is complicated to have to manage all the funerals. Relieving those around you of the worries inherent in the organization of the funeral is the whole point of funeral insurance. Explanations.

Allowing loved ones to lighten their mental load is the main objective of a funeral insurance contract. The other advantage is that it allows, in advance, to evoke the conditions of his death. For the future deceased, this assures him that his wishes are respected. When subscribing to his contract, the insured will be able to designate a beneficiary who will have the moral obligation to use the entire capital for the funeral.

Funeral insurance therefore allows you to put aside capital to finance your funeral. There are two types of contracts. First of all, the funeral contract in standardized services. This is offered by banks, brokers and insurance companies, which collaborate with a funeral director. The capital paid by the subscriber will then be given to the company, at the time of death, and the latter will take care of the organization of the funeral. With such a contract, the subscriber can choose: the funeral agency that will be in charge of the funeral, the type of funeral services (cremation or burial) and the type of ceremony (civil or religious). In general, this type of contract offers administrative support for relatives (declaration and obtaining the death certificate), legal assistance and assistance in repatriating the body if necessary.

The second contract is the one in personalized services. It is subscribed directly with a funeral company. The interest of this contract is to ensure that all the subscriber’s wishes, concerning the course of the funeral, are respected. The insured will be able to choose almost everything: the mode of burial, the type of coffin, the urn, the choice of flowers, the master of ceremonies… There are many advantages of such a contract. Not only can the subscriber prepare the funeral process in detail, but he also ensures that his last wishes are respected (it will be impossible to modify the benefits after death) and above all, he can relieve his loved ones of the organization of funeral.

3 types of contribution possible

To take out this insurance, several types of payment are possible: single payment, temporary or lifelong. In the case of a single contribution, the insured will pay, in one go, the total amount of the expenses related to his wishes. This therefore varies according to the services he has chosen. Regarding the temporary contribution, the subscriber will be able to spread out his financing of the funeral insurance capital. Payments can be monthly, quarterly or even annually. The lifetime contribution allows the insured to make payments throughout the duration of the contract until the moment of death. This formula allows access to lighter contributions.

Obviously this type of service has a cost: the capital funeral contract costs on average €3,500 in France. Regarding funeral insurance in personalized services, the average price is between €4,000 and €8,000, depending on the service.

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