Volkswagen’s huge ambitions to dethrone Tesla

Faced with the more than tough rival that is Tesla, Volkswagen has still great ambitions in terms of electric cars. The German group thus intends to produce up to 800,000 this year, to eventually overtake its main competitor.

Volkswagen ID.3 // Source: Marius Hanin for Frandroid

The stakes around the electric car have now become enormous. Positioning itself as early as possible in the niche and showing all its know-how to the general public should make it possible to position itself as a major player over the next few years. Tesla is an illustrious example, much to the chagrin of the competition.

Especially since from 2035, a strong paradigm shift should take place within the European Union: the sale of thermal cars should simply be prohibited. Manufacturers are therefore sharpening their weapons now by slowly but surely preparing their transition to electric.

Big ambitions

Volkswagen, for its part, is clearly going all out to become the first manufacturer of electric cars. And in terms of production, the ambitions are high. As the group’s commercial director explained to Reutersthe company plans to produce up to 8,000,000 electrified vehicles in 2022.

Volkswagen BP

Next year, this figure could reach 1.3 million, again according to the Wolfsburg firm. Because in the long term, the goal is indeed to overtake Tesla, which retains an insolent lead over the competition. In 2021, the American giant delivered and produced 936,172 and 930,422 electric cars respectively.

A colossal investment in the USA

Elon Musk is necessarily revising his ambitions upwards for the 2022 vintage, with a new record figure of 1.5 million, despite all the difficulties still linked to Covid-19 and access to certain raw materials. And to come and tickle Tesla, Volkswagen intends to encroach directly on the lands of its rival.

Recently, the firm from across the Rhine announced an investment of 7.1 billion dollars specially released for the American market for the next five years. The objective: to add 25 electric models to its catalog for the USA by 2030. The strategy is therefore different from that of Tesla, which is betting on a more limited offer.

Have you ordered an electric Volkswagen?  You will have to be patient

Volkswagen’s electric models are currently out of stock, with the next deliveries coming next year.
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