vivo masters 200 watt fast charging technology

Vivo is ready to present us with an ultra-fast 200 W recharge. This is what a Chinese leaker claims in a message published on the local social network Weibo. The technology will operate at 20V and 10A. However, we don’t know exactly what the release date is, unfortunately. The only detail worth mentioning about it is that the battery of compatible smartphones would have a capacity greater than 4000 mAh, the rest is unfortunately left to speculators.

Recently, the X80 and X80 Pro were introduced, but the rumor of the X80 Pro Plus is still alive. It is not said that the device actually exists, but at this point it is possible to imagine that the “plus” is the ability to fully recharge in a few minutes thanks to the 200 watt charger and would be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

The alternative is the X90 Pro, which, however, is still a long way off, if we take the half-yearly release rate of new series to which the vivo has been sticking for some time now. In this case, we are groping completely in the dark.

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