Vitalik Buterin donates $1 million to the Dogecoin Foundation | Vitalik Buterin

Gokhshtein Media founder David Gokhshtein shared the information on Twitter that the ETH co-founder has donated $1 million to the Dogecoin Foundation.

Is Vitalik working on a DOGE booster?

Gokhshtein tweeted that he expected Buterin to work on something that could help take Dogecoin to the next level.

News of Vitalik’s donation was relayed by Dogecoin investor Matt Wallace, who tweeted it to his 616.1K followers.

In August last year, Buterin joined the Dogecoin Foundation board as an advisor and expressed hope that the most popular meme cryptocurrency would soon switch to the Proof-of- Stake.

The co-founder of DOGE does not confirm the information

Billy Markus, co-founder of Dogecoin, did not comment on the tweet posted by Wallace, neither rejecting nor confirming it. Although he left the DOGE project a long time ago, he remains a very attentive observer of the evolution of dogecoin and his often very strong positions are regularly controversial.

He took to Twitter to share the importance of reputation to a crypto community, stating that he views the DOGE ARMY as “silly”, “sympathetic” and “understanding satire”.

While Markus didn’t elaborate on whether the DOGE community has moved closer to its ideal image now, he commented that Bitcoiners Now” most often present themselves as fat, arrogant and condescending ” since they do not tolerate fans of other blockchains. Max Keiser and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey are among those who have often called other currencies a scam.

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