Video: This Tesla lands on an ambulance!

This unusual accident still caused 3 injuries, all aboard the American vehicle. Luckily, they were easily able to get out of the car and taken to the emergency room. It must be said that the hospital was not far away, the ambulance in question being parked in the parking lot!

In this accident, no question of blaming Tesla, it is the fault of the driver of this Model 3. He confused accelerator and brake while trying to park near a hospital. It must be said that with a minimum power of 230 hp and a 0 to 100 km / h in just 6 seconds, the smallest of the Model 3 is already going fast! As a result, he landed directly in a ambulance ! A funny situation, help is not far away. And fortunately …

3 slightly injured

The accident still left 3 injured on board the American electric. All were taken to hospital. That’s good, they weren’t far away… The three occupants received minor injuries, and no one else was injured. So much the better. But then we had to deal with the Tesla, which was in trouble! The car indeed stopped in a very delicate position, in a precarious balance between a wall and the ambulance.

A still precarious situation…

Given the position of the vehicle, the firefighters did not want to simply drop it to the ground. This could cause a fire! Eh yes ! you have to take a lot of precautions with electric cars in the event of an accident… And to add another small dose of madness to this already unusual event, know that neither of the two vehicles seemed good for scrapping! That said, both will still have to go through the repair box.

Check out the video of this Tesla Model 3 landing on an ambulance below:

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