VIDEO – This 1,350 horsepower Corvette C8 could take down Tesla Model S Plaid

Rob Dahm and our colleagues at Top Gear have just released the latest episode of their “American Tuned” series and it features a completely crazy Corvette. This 1,350 horsepower monster has two turbochargers, burns methanol and a little nitro to help it all along. It’s the fastest Corvette in the world.

This Corvette can beat anything that drives. Or almost. Dahm is famous for its constant quest for power and performance. The vehicles he owns must always give more. During this process, he learned a lot about tuning and improving cars and the importance of power control software. Precisely, he follows a private lesson with the head of Fueltech, Anderson Dick. VSReworked maps support all vital car functions. All of this simplifies the tuning process and bypasses any sort of encryption or blocking that the on-board computer might put in place. This is what allowed the Corvette C8 to take advantage of its new parts and complete the quarter mile in 8.97 seconds.

In fact, much of this success is due to the engine software’s ability to exploit even the smallest source of power. For example, the “Fueltech VCU” is used to improve the gear change speed and guarantee optimum traction when using the “launch control”.

On track

During several tests on the track, we see Dick and Dahm take advantage of this system by simply mashing the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal. In fact, the speed of this car might not be the most impressive thing: it seems remarkably easy to drive, even with 1,350 horsepower under the hood. Drivers don’t have to fight with the steering wheel to keep the car straight. Enough talk, the pictures speak for themselves.

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