VIDEO – But why is there a Tesla Model S in the teaser of the future BMW M2?

While the next-gen BMW M2 is starting to peek out of its grille in a few teasers, the latest looks weird to us. It’s not an M2 that seems to appear, but a Model S from Tesla. Why ?

Everyone can go with their theory. But seeing a Tesla in a teaser ad for a BMW is confusing. Already, in this video supposed to unveil the new M2, physical needle counters have given us a hint. Since we know the new M2 gets BMW’s iDrive 8 system, we know the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel should be digital. But BMW just confuses us yet again. Why is there what appears to be a Tesla Model S for a few short seconds in the teaser video? Also, why does there seem to be an electric car from another brand in a teaser video for a 100% thermal sports car?

Look carefully at the image and dare to say that it is not a Model S headlight. Impossible to deny! Note that this is not a current Model S, but a Model S from a few years ago. That brings us to theory number one: BMW bought one to use as a yardstick and used one for this teaser, thinking no one would notice. But if ! Or, theory number two: someone royally made a mistake. BMW allegedly paid an advertising agency to make this video, and they allegedly used footage found on the internet of a Model S at night.

Opinions ?

And you, what do you think of this whole story? It’s hard to find a viable explanation, but there’s certainly something rational in all of this: we’ll be contacting BMW to dispel or confirm our suspicions while we wait to discover the new BMW M2 without any camouflage.

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