victims line up in front of insurance companies

Storms of rare violence hit Berry on the night of Sunday May 22 to Monday May 23. Lightning, wind and above all hail caused great damage. There are many claims in Indre. Since Monday morning, long queues have formed in front of insurance companies in Châteauroux, even before the opening. The night was nightmarish for some. Over a thousand car windshields were blown out.

“The windshield is shattered”

Sailors Avenue, about thirty victims are queuing in front of Macif. In the queue, all the talk revolves around hailstones, “big as tennis balls”. “My neighbor showed me photos, his car is blown up, there is no more windshield or windows”says Claude. “The aluminum shutters are also dented”replies Stéphane.

Most policyholders come for report a claim on their car. That of Denise, a resident of Châteauroux, is completely broken. “I bought it two weeks ago, the windshield is shattered, the rear window too, it has a lot of dentsshe laments. They looked like ping-pong balls, I was scared”.

“Water in the Children’s Room”

With the violence of the storm, roofs are also damaged. Azdine’s apartment, boulevard Blaise Pascal, was flooded. “We had water in the children’s room, they didn’t sleep a wink all night, I also have small pools in the living room, it’s abusedgets carried away this dad. I don’t know how I’m going to go to work, my car is dead, I’ll see with the insurance what to do”.

The car of Azdine, a resident of Châteauroux, was violently hit by hailstones © Radio France
Justine Claux

Like everyone here, Daniel wasted no time. When he woke up, as soon as he saw the extent of the damage, he went straight to his insurer. He hopes to be compensated quickly. “We are going to try to get compensated to have our windshields repaired, but there will be a shortage among all garages because almost everyone who is in line is there for their car”worries Daniel.

If you too have been affected by the storm, you have until Friday, May 27 to declare a claim.

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