Vehicle Theft: Technologies would be the cause of the problem

The technology would largely explain the 45% growth in car thefts in Toronto by 2022, Queen City police officers told Global News.

Technology that opens doors and starts a vehicle without a key is implicated in “the majority of car theft cases,” according to the Toronto Police Service.

Thieves are particularly capable of intercepting the frequencies between the key and the vehicle to gain entry into it.

Criminals also manage to reprogram the key and change the frequency to easily steal a car.

“Whenever there is a technological breakthrough, it seems that in many ways the thieves are either ahead or not too far behind,” said Global’s president and CEO. Canada’s Automakers, David Adams.

The most stolen vehicles in Canada last year were the Honda CR-V, Lexus RX series, Ford F-150, Honda Civic and Toyota Highlander.

The vice-president of the Equity Association, the investigative arm of the Insurance Bureau of Canada that investigates car theft, Bryan Gast, wants everyone involved in the field to work as a team to address the problem.

He calls for “a collaborative approach” involving law enforcement, automakers, the insurance and banking sectors, and consumers to strengthen safety.

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