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The Festival de la Cité unveils the geographical and architectural contours of its next edition, which will be held from July 5 to 10. This year, it will occupy 19 places in Lausanne, mainly in the Cité, but also the museum site of Platform 10, near the station. Belgian scenographer Jozef Wouters has designed a new stage for Place du Château, called La Châtelaine.

The free festival, which will celebrate its 50th edition, offers each year more than 80 shows spread over six days. It will unveil its lineup on June 2.

This year 19 artistic places will welcome the public, whereas they were 13 ten years ago, recalls a press release on Wednesday. Some places belong to the history of the festival, such as the Place Saint-Maur, others were invested or reinvested later.

Gymnasium deck and courtyard

This year, festival-goers will be able to stop at the Grand Canyon, on the Pierre Viret road, or on the Marches, at the Bessières bridge. Leaning against the north face of the Cathedral, a new multidisciplinary scene is set up. A ball scene takes place in the courtyard of the Mercerie gymnasium and the clubbing experience of Placette Bonnard, acclaimed by young people, continues.

Beyond the Cité, the Vallon wasteland, the town shops, the Tridel factory, the Sauvabelin woods, the Hermitage orchard and the Sauvabelin tower will be reinvested over the weekend. The festival also invites you to discover the Via Valentino restaurant for a show as well as the Platform 10 esplanade.

Finally, over several decades of occupation, the castle square has hosted all sorts of stages, in different configurations. The new Châtelaine, custom-designed by scenographer, theater director and visual artist Jozef Wouters, will face the stairs leading to the esplanade.

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