V2X Technology Boosts Integration of Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles | Environment

The All-Vehicle technology (V2X) strengthens the integration of renewable energy and battery electric vehicles within society.

V2X technology (Vehicle-to-Everything) promotes the use of renewable energy sources and reduces consumption on local electrical networks.

One of these technologies is called V2G (Vehicle to Grid). She allows to transfer the energy stored in the battery pack of a battery electric vehicle to a power grid.

In addition to stabilizing the local electricity network, the energy stored in the battery of battery electric vehicles also allows it to be powered, thus facilitating the management of energy demand during peak consumption and in emergency situations.

Battery electric vehicles can also power homes and buildings.

In a closed electrical ecosystem, separated from the grid, a battery-powered electric vehicle is capable of powering a home, which not only reduces the amount of energy bills, but also reduces demand on the local electrical grid. This specific application is called home vehicle (V2H).

Technology Vehicle to building (V2B) allows energy stored in battery electric vehicles to be used to power buildings, such as an office building.

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