United States: Tesla accused of racial segregation in a factory

Bad publicity for the image of the car manufacturer Tesla. A California state agency accuses automaker Tesla founded by Elon Musk of racial segregation at its Fremont plant after “receiving hundreds of complaints from workers”. According to this agency, “Black workers experience racial slurs and discrimination in terms of job duties, discipline, pay and promotion, which creates a hostile work environment. The facts in this case speak for themselves”, added Kevin Kish, the director of this agency.

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing emailed excerpts of the lawsuit filed late afternoon in a California court, as Tesla had already communicated in the morning about its lawsuits, before they were filed. confirmed.

“Tesla firmly opposes all forms of discrimination and harassment and has a dedicated employee relations team to respond to and investigate all complaints,” the group said, citing a three-year investigation into alleged facts. ‘supposedly taking place at the Fremont plant between 2015 and 2019. “All day, every day, black or African-American employees hear racial slurs about black workers, from other employees, from bosses and managers,” the complaint states. She cites numerous examples of rare verbal abuse, including the “N-word” (an allusion to the pejorative term for black people), a term that has become unpronounceable by white people in the United States.

“Because the factory is racially segregated, factory workers referred to areas where many African Americans worked as the ‘porch monkey station’, literally ‘the don’t give a fuck monkey area,’” the complaint states. The complaint points out that black employees were assigned to physically more difficult tasks than others in Tesla factories, that they were more easily fired for minor violations and were much less frequently promoted. “For many black workers, the stress of widespread racial harassment, the risk of physical altercations with harassers, blatant discrimination, disproportionate discipline and inaction in the face of complaints have made their working conditions so intolerable that they have resigned,” the complaint states.

“Tesla has always taken disciplinary action and terminated employees for professional misconduct”, defends the manufacturer

Several employees and ex-employees of the group led by billionaire Elon Musk have filed complaints in recent months to denounce cases of sexual harassment or racial discrimination within the company. “Tesla has always taken disciplinary actions and terminated employees for professional misconduct, including those who swear racially or harass others in various ways,” assured the group, which also mentions its team in charge of diversity, of the equity and inclusion.

Last October, a Californian jury sentenced Tesla to pay $137 million in damages to a former black employee for turning a blind eye to the racism he suffered in one of the group’s factories.

The company intends to ask the court to stay the proceedings to ensure that all the facts and evidence are taken into account. The automaker, which also insists that it is the last one still installed in California, says it regrets that the DFEH did not send it the specific charges on which its lawsuits are based.

This case involves a recall of more than 817,000 vehicles in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in Model S, Model X built between 2021 and 2022, Model 3 (2017-2022) and Model Y (2020-2022), no audible alert sounds at starting if the driver has not fastened his seat belt. However, this is a federal standard relating to “occupant protection in the event of a collision” and all vehicles must comply with it.

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