Unemployment insurance, energy check, booster dose… What changes from December 1

The month of December which begins this Wednesday is accompanied by new measures which do not all look like, far from it, Christmas gifts. Unemployment insurance, health pass… New constraints come into force which are accompanied by balance, good news for the wallets of some French people. The Parisian takes stock.

The last part of the unemployment insurance reform comes into play

This December 1 marks the full implementation of the disputed unemployment insurance reform. The rights of job seekers are conditioned on stricter criteria, such as the need to have worked 6 months during the last 24 months, against the regulatory four months requested until then. Bad news also, although more confidential, for jobseekers under the age of 57 who received a gross monthly salary of more than 4,500 euros… Also from this Wednesday, the 30% degressivity applied so far from the 9th month now occurs earlier, at the 7th month.

The energy check bonus paid in December

It will arrive in the mailboxes of 5.8 million households between December 13 and 22. The extension of 100 euros to the energy check, announced in September by the government to help overcome the surge in energy prices, is automatically issued to those concerned, without them having to take any action. However, you can check your eligibility on the dedicated site.

100 euros also of “inflation allowance”

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced at the end of October that an “inflation allowance” check in the amount of 100 euros will be paid to the 38 million people who earn less than 2,000 euros net per month. Here again, the financial gesture aims to offset the rise in energy prices and, more broadly, the impact of inflation. For private sector employees, this aid will slip into the pay slip at the end of December. Officials will collect it in January. The unemployed will receive it between December and January. Then come the self-employed and retirees in February.

A Christmas bonus for recipients of social minima

Automatically paid by the CAF or the MSA, the Christmas bonus comes to fill the account of 2.5 million households benefiting from social minima in mid-December. Its sum is 152.45 euros for a single person, 228.67 euros for a couple or a single-parent household and 274.41 euros for a three-person household. For larger families, each additional child entitles you to an additional 60 euros in premium.

Booster dose and health pass

From December 15, French people over 65 who have not received their booster dose after their single injection of Janssen or their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna will have their health pass deactivated.

Change your income for taxes… Until December 15

It’s a little reprieve that proves its usefulness for thousands of taxpayers every year… dedicated to taxes.

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