Ukraine, World Cup, elections… Here are the most entered words in the search engine in France in 2022

The Google search engine has revealed the list of the most searched words in France during the year 2022.

The top 3 searches in France coincide with significant events. The American giant Google has unveiled the list of the most performed searches in France for the calendar year 2022.

And not surprisingly, the keyword that has been written the most in the search field this year is “Ukraine”, a direct consequence of the start of the armed conflict between Kiev and Moscow after the invasion of the country by Vladimir Putin’s troops, February 24, 2022.

Follow closely “World Cup 2022”, and “Russia”, then in fourth place comes “Gaspard Ulliel”, whose sudden death had hit France. The rising French actor was fatally shot last January while skiing in La Rosière (Savoie).

The most frequently asked questions

In the category with the most asked questions, Google has distinguished between two families. The practical questions “How?” and those relating to curiosity.

On the practical side, the questions that the French have asked themselves the most are “How do you vote in the general election?”, “How do you check your registration on the electoral rolls?” or even “How to vote white?”, for the political aspect.

So an obscure question that we wouldn’t expect to find so high on the rankings: “How did Dora die?” This trend had escaped from TikTok and gone viral on Google.

In the category “Why?”, the predominant theme of the war in Ukraine also appeared with the following questions: “Why is the war in Ukraine” and “Why is Russia attacking Ukraine”, followed by a question related to the Covid-19 epidemic: “Contact case, what to do?”

As well as the lighter “Why were Corn Flakes invented?”, and “Why is Nikos no longer presenting The Voice?”

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