Type of insurance for individuals

life insurance

L’death risk life insurance is insurance that allows the insured to guarantee the financial freedom of the members of his family after his death. If you are the only financial provider for your spouse and children, your death would be detrimental to your entire family. However, this insurance prevents such a situation from occurring, by providing financial support to your loved ones if you ever die. There are several life insurance contracts, including the whole life insurance contract.

Classic life insurance is used to grow and then benefit from a capital during your lifetime. If you also want to pass on the benefits of life insurance to your family (or to beneficiaries of your choice), you can opt for the whole life insurance contract. As its name suggests, this contract works during your lifetime, but also in the event of your death. If this happens, a capital will be paid to your family or the person of your choice, in order to guarantee their financial future.

car insurance

Car insurance is a contract that supports you financially if you are the victim of a car or motorcycle accident. Motor insurance can be taken out for two categories of motor vehicles:

automobile insurance for four-wheeled personal vehicles,

ยท two-wheeler insurance which covers personal two-wheeled vehicles.

Each of these car insurance categories offers several types of coverage, including liability, personal coverage, and comprehensive coverage. The Civil Liability cover of car insurance is the compulsory basic cover for anyone owning a motor vehicle. This guarantee only covers the financial liability of third parties in the event of an accident. Personal coverage, on the other hand, only covers your own damages in the event of a claim. However, taking out this type of insurance requires taking out civil liability. Finally, comprehensive coverage covers both your damages and those of the third parties concerned.

Complementary health insurance

Complementary health insurance is an insurance contract that provides policyholders with financial support when they are admitted to hospital for treatment or have to incur medical expenses (consultation of health professionals, purchase of medication, etc.). Some contracts also provide extended benefits, such as home care before admission or after discharge from hospital. Taking out complementary health insurance is becoming a real necessity in countries where drug prices are rising. However, before taking out such insurance, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the different complementary health formulas available.

home insurance

Many real estate or similar properties can be covered by home insurance. This can be, for example, your home or a separate garage. If these are damaged, you are entitled to financial assistance from the insurance company. Such insurance also provides financial protection for the contents of your home. Like other types of insurance, the home insurance contract adapts to your lifestyle and your belongings. The most common contract is that of the principal residence.

It covers you against the financial consequences you may suffer if your main residence or its contents are damaged. Other home insurance contracts cover other categories of accommodation in the event of a claim (secondary residence, student accommodation, mobile home, etc.). Whether it’s protecting your loved ones or yourself, it’s imperative to have insurance in your name.

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