Twitter’s paid certification will also cost $11 on Android

Unavailable until now, subscription to Twitter Blue is now possible from an Android device. However, as far as Apple is concerned, an additional cost is imposed to bypass the Google tax.

The offer was only reserved for owners of an iPhone or iPad. However, since this Thursday, January 19, subscriptions to Twitter Blue can be subscribed from an Android smartphone, TechCrunch noted. But this arrival of the paid service on the social network comes with an additional cost: it will be necessary to pay 11 dollars per month and not 8 dollars as originally announced.

Avoid app big taxes

It’s not really a surprise. Elon Musk, the new owner of the platform, simply adopted the logic implemented on Apple devices. To counter the tax on in-app purchases downloaded via the App Store or Google Play Store, the billionaire had raised prices.

This allows Elon Musk to pursue his goal of achieving profitability on the platform without being handicapped by the 30% commissions from Apple and 15% from Google. However, owners of an Android phone could have hoped for a lower price than on the iPhone given the lower uptake of their application store.

Since the start of the implementation of this offer, Twitter’s first major project during the Musk era, it has always been recommended that users go through a web browser to pay for their subscription. Because out of apps, Twitter Blue is only charged eight dollars.

An annual subscription to save money

And if some are convinced that they want to obtain a paid certification for the next twelve months, they can subscribe for a year since January 18. With the key savings. By opting for an annual subscription, the price of the Twitter Blue service only comes to $84 per year versus $96 via a monthly payment. But the reduction is even greater compared to the amount charged via iOS or Android apps. Here the bill drops by 48 dollars.

Twitter Blue is currently only available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. It allows you to obtain a blue certification mark, but also to be better referenced on the recommendation threads or the platform’s searches.

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