Tunnels dug under Las Vegas, reserved for Tesla?

Elon Musk, with the help of his Boring Company, has embarked on a crazy new project. That of unclogging cities thanks to tunnels for Tesla.

A story of tunnels enough to ignite social networks. the CES Las Vegaswhere Mercedes presented its Vision EQXX concept, was also the occasion for Elon Musk to present his latest project. The LVCC Loop is a complete system of tunnels built by Boring businessnearly 5 meters deep, under the Las Vegas Convention Center. And it was possible to try it, in You’re here only, of course. Except it didn’t quite work as expected…

A gigantic project…

The buckle was unveiled in April 2021 and would cost approximately $50 millionor 45 million euros. A needle in the haystack as the Boring Company plans to build a tunnel system of 45 km long with 51 stations in total. These would leave from several places in the megalopolis: hotel-casinos of the Las Vegas Strip, new football stadium, the Las Vegas Convention Center and McCarran International Airport.

But building tunnels for self-driving cars is above all a question of society. The company thus declares on its site that it wants to ” solve the problem of destructive traffic. Roads must pass into the third dimension. Which means flying cars or tunnels are needed. And unlike the first mentioned, the tunnels are weatherproof, out of sight and won’t fall on your head.” An interesting summary in order to develop the car towards other forms of mobility.

Thanks to the many stopssimilar to subway stationsthis solution could reduce traffic jams on open roads. But, based on early trials, this promise is not conclusive. Rather see the video from Benjamin Brochstein below.

… which is flipping over in Las Vegas

The Convention Center’s Loop system spans approximately 1.7 km long and has a total of 29 parking spaces, distributed in the three stations. One of them directly served the CES during these last days. Journalists, influencers and visitors were able to try this novelty. The short clip, taken by a passenger in the back seat of a Tesla, shows the vehicle driving through the lighted white tunnelthen stopping behind several other vehicles.

The congestion inside the narrow tunnels has raised concerns, with some users fearing that “if a car catches fire, people will die”. The company notes that there are no internal contact hazards, allowing passengers to safely escape the tunnels in an emergency. They are also designed with a two-way ventilation system who remove the smoke to allow passengers to evacuate safely.

But with 70 vehicles Tesla sailing 24/24, the whole was corked permanently. A shame for a technological advance supposed to solve this kind of problem. Also note that they are reserved for Tesla cars for now. In short, this ambitious project makes people cringe. And we are waiting to see a more complete version, hopefully.

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