TRUE OR FALSE. Covid-19: has a patient really been infected with the virus for more than 500 days?

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While British researchers have conducted research on the variants (the content of which was made public last April), they have taken a close interest in immunocompromised patients. One of the patients was infected with the virus for several hundred days.

In most cases, the signs of a Covid-19 infection disappear after two or even three weeks after contamination. However, some patients may experience symptoms for several weeks and thus be subject to persistent contamination. This is the case, among others, of a Londoner who, according to research from King’s College London, was infected with SARS-CoV-2 for more than 500 days.

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This clinical case was presented at the end of April at this year’s European Congress on Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in Lisbon. The scientists took a close interest in nine patients whose immune systems had been weakened. The objective of the study: to understand the appearance of mutations in these patients.

According to the researchers, the viruses would be more easily inclined to “mutate” by contaminating the organisms of immunocompromised people. This would facilitate the development of new variants: “These may have managed to evolve in immunocompromised individuals, because the virus was able to persist long enough to achieve this”, explains Dr Luke Blagdon Snell, researcher at King’s College London. .

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This study was conducted from March 2020 to December 2021. Four of the people who took part in this study died. While the infections lasted an average of 73 days, one of the patients was infected with the virus for 505 days. He died nearly a year and a half after first testing positive for the virus.

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