Top 14 – More realistic Montpellier wins ahead of Racing 92

TOP 14 – In a duel between the candidates for the final stages between Montpellier and Racing 92 on Sunday evening, it was Héraultais who won (17-12). Philippe Saint-André’s men proved sharper than their opponents when completing their attacks, particularly with tries from Paul Willemse and then Anthony Bouthier. On the contrary, the Parisians have to make do with a defensive bonus. In the standings, Montpellier is up to Racing 92, where the two teams share 5th place.

This Montpellier-Racing 92 match had saved the best for last! A huge thrill at the end of regulation time. With Héraultais leading 17-12 and 2 tries to 0, they opt to hit a final penalty to try and afford a fourth offensive bonus at home this season. But a lost ball on the 5 meters and two penalty kicks, which are pressed further, find Cistes defending their goal in the… 87th minute. A final scrap and a penalty in their favor and they can breathe a sigh of relief, they win well 17-12 against Ile-de-France.

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A ubiquitous Becognée

If the residents of Ile-de-France have the best start by scoring on a penalty from Antoine Gibert (6e), it is actually the Héraultais who manage to go the furthest in their offensives. Like the action that brings the first try of the game, after a touch on the 22 meters. Alexandre Bécognée is first and foremost the player who takes the ball into contact to create a penetrating group. When it is stopped and taken to the sidelines, we find… Alexandre Bécognée. He escapes and defeats several defenders. He collapses a meter from the goal. Play bounces to the right with Zach Mercer in the scrum-half position. He distributes to Brandon Paenga Amosa and then to Paul Willemse, to try the latter (25e). In this first act, MHR is quite realistic and switches with 7 units in advance at the break (10-3). In particular, Cistes can count on a huge Alexandre Bécognée, who cuts through the defence, is present in the ruck to grab the balls and is available in the current game. In contrast, Racing 92 manages to take the advantage line several times at game launches, but is clumsy in the finish. A constant in this meeting.

Racing 92 cruiser, the MHR score

In the second act, the scorers had little waste at first (Gibert saw Carbonel twice). But it is above all with the ball in hand that the residents of Ile-de-France are likely to regret. As they easily cross into the heart of the Hérault defenses (Saili 56e or Gilbert 58e for example), a bad pass or a misunderstanding interrupts their offensives. Conversely, MHR is the author of longer sequences against which the opposing defense ends up breaking. As an offensive, where Brandon Paengea Amosa switches on an Anthony Bouthier step at the end of the wing to concretize a long attack by Cistes (60e). The people of Ile-de-France still finish the game better. They come close to planting a try when they cross the goal line with Ibrahim Diallo (74e), prevented from scoring by Yacouba Camara’s strong arm. Then they realize two penalties by Finn Russell (68e and 78e) and thus return to the defensive bonus. And then there’s this crazy end game. Where Montpellier tries to afford an offensive bonus and fails to lose everything at the other end of the field after the siren. But it was written that Racing 92 would not succeed in winning this evening. The reigning French champion won 17-12 and came back to match his opponent in the standings. With 38 points, the two teams share the 5th placee right in the top 14.

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