“Tomato flu”: what is this mysterious virus?

A new virus, called “flu” or “tomato fever”, has emerged in India in recent weeks with more than 80 cases recorded in children since May 6.

Like The Indian Express, the Indian media have been alerting for several weeks to the appearance of a new disease, the effects of which are close to monkeypox.

According to the first elements gathered by the local media, this virus, called “fever” or “tomato flu”, mainly attacked children under the age of 5.

It was characterized by the appearance of large rashes all over the body, in the form of round and red blisters, extremely painful and contagious, like Monkeypox.

Many symptoms observed

Skin rashes are characteristic of the virus. This is also where the “tomato flu” takes its name, since the pimples found on affected children are red like the fruit. This disease can also be manifested by fever, nausea, diarrhea, cough, joint pain or vomiting.

Due to the dehydration caused by this new phenomenon, irritations near the mouth can also appear in infected children.

According to several virologists, “tomato fever” could be a new variant of the viral foot-hand-mouth infection, which is very common in young children.

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