To prepare its Pixel tablet, Google is optimizing Discover a bit more on the tablet

Since the last Google I/O conference, the manufacturer of the future Pixel Tablet has optimized the experience of the Google application on touchscreen tablets in small steps. Google’s Discover feature gets a new layout, with more content displayed.

Last year, during Google I/O, the web giant unveiled the much-anticipated Pixel Tablet, which is part of our expectations for Google in 2023. Since then, Google has updated its applications on the tablets, we imagine to refine the user experience of its future model. It’s the turn of Discover (formerly Google Feed), the Google application’s content recognition feature, to be eligible for some changes.

Three columns of articles in Google Discover

The most notable change concerns the flow of articles: if previously there were only two columns, Discover now increases to three. While news article titles are roughly the same size as before, illustration images are slightly smaller.

The items were also contained in a single box: now each one is stored in a card of sorts. If the width is the same, the height is not the same according to the lines. The only new feature that is missing: the Material You style, a feature that appeared on Android 12 that allows the colors of the application to be synchronized with the colors of the wallpaper.

A slightly different Google Discover experience on the Pixel tablet

According to the media 9to5Google, who discovered the changes made by Google, the Discover experience on the Pixel Tablet may not be quite the same. We could see the appearance of rows of proposed media ” from your applications ”, like Google TV.

The Google Pixel tablet. // Source: Google

We can also imagine content from SVoD services or evencloud gameshown in this section. We can also think that Material You would finally arrive, which would make the Pixel Experience even more cohesive.

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