To compete with ChatGPT, Google will release more than 20 artificial intelligence products

According to information from the New York Times, Google is preparing the release of a large number of new products, including artificial intelligence. The search engine does not intend to be overtaken by ChatGPT, which represents one of the most important challenges of recent years.

Is Google afraid of ChatGPT? According to an article in the New York Times, published on January 20, 2023, everything points to that. The giant would be shaken by the demonstrations of the OpenAI chatbot, to the point that Google would have changed its strategy for its products, including artificial intelligence, and Sundar Pichai, its CEO, would have invited Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the co-founders of the search engine, to approve plans and propose new ideas “, the newspaper states.

Not to be overwhelmed, Google is preparing to “ unveil more than 20 new products and demo a version of its search engine with chatbot functionality ” says the New York Times.

Lots of new products to compete with ChatGPT

According to the Times article, no specific date has yet been announced for the launch of new products and demos of the search engine with chatbot. However, other projects could be unveiled at I/O, Google’s big annual event where it presents its new products, such as its Pixel phones. I/O 2023 takes place in May.

The new products Google has planned all revolve around artificial intelligence. There is a project for a photo generation tool that would create and modify images – along the lines of a tool like Midjourney or Dall-e. The article also talks about PaLM-Coder 2, a tool that will help developers code using artificial intelligence, like what Copilot currently offers, developed by … OpenAI.

Google // Source: Numerama

We can also note that the integration of a chatbot in the Google search engine will mainly aim to ” avoid misinformation, ensure user security and find the right answers “, according to the Times.

In addition to the news that Google has promised for this year 2023, it is above all the feverishness of the search engine managers that appears in the New York Times article. ” This is a moment of great vulnerability for Google ” said D. Sivakumar, a former director of research at Google, interviewed by the New York Times. ” ChatGPT came out on top and said ‘this is what a good search engine experience can look like’”.

Google could actually face a competitor that could well dethrone. Microsoft intends to integrate ChatGPT with Bing, its search engine, to improve its performance. Such news would pose an unprecedented challenge to Google. In order to stay in the race from the start and not leave all the light to OpenAI and ChatGPT, it seems that Google has decided to pull out the heavy artillery.

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