Time travel and anti-gravity tech are possible and could be used to find Earth-like planets, secret UFO files reveal – Reuters

Time travel and anti-gravity technology are possible and could be exploited by humans to visit other worlds, according to recently released Pentagon documents.

The actual X-Files were obtained by The Sun through a freedom of information request in the Pentagon’s secretive UFO program, the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

Time travel is possible, according to newly discovered Pentagon filesCredit: Getty – Contributor

A dossier explores how to use anti-gravity technology to make airplanes and spacecraft, stating that “effects can be implemented by manipulating space-time.”

Looking at different ways to “control gravity,” the report states, “It might be possible to produce exotic phenomena such as faster-than-light travel…and time machines.

Wormholes in spacetime could also be used for interstellar travel, the study adds.

An astrophysicist claims to have invented a time machine

Another filing indicates that future aerospace platforms “could have propulsion systems that alter their surrounding spatiotemporal geometry to implement faster than light spaceflight or produce levitation via anti-gravity.”

The explosive documents, from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), also outline plans to send multiple pilot-manned spacecraft to ‘colonize’ deep space as well as studies of how humans can operate robots with them. their mind.

The fleet would include a spacecraft with nuclear-powered electromagnets to shield the manned spacecraft from radiation, a “halo spacecraft with powerful radars” to spot incoming objects, and exploration and mining gear.

This would be flown by a pilot and could be used for missions involving possible colonization, records show.

The report says it focuses on “traditional human pilots” and not “cyborg-enhanced astrobots.”

Research shows that a human can only control a maximum of four starships when tasked with completing missions and is looking at ways to develop the human brain to improve this.

He concludes: “The main step forward in developing the augmented human ability to fly multiple spacecraft will be in understanding the cognitive organization of multitasking. »

Other files examine how space rockets powered by nuclear bombs can build bridges with Earth-like planets in other solar systems.

Spacecraft, propelled by nuclear explosions, will be able to explore deeply our solar system and beyond, while making it “economically feasible”.


The report goes on to explain how rockets and nuclear-powered spacecraft would allow humanity to “build bridges” above the Oort Clouds – layers of icy objects that surround the sun – to find other Earth-like planets.

The study explores how nuclear explosions would be triggered by lasers.

The deep space exploration files were among 1,574 pages obtained by The Sun from the Defense Intelligence Agency after a four-year battle for freedom of information.

Other documents contained information on how to communicate with extraterrestrials and explored reported health effects on humans who had seen UFOs or had close encounters with extraterrestrials.

The Sun requested all documents related to AATIP in December 2017, just days after details of the murky project were made public.

The project ran between 2007 and 2012, led by Luis Elizondo who claims that UFOs exist and have been “proven beyond reasonable doubt”.

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A report released by the Pentagon last year showed there were 144 reports of unidentified aerial phenomena by military pilots.

This year, the Pentagon announced that it was setting up a true X Files unit to further explore UFO sightings.

The Pentagon launched its secret AATIP program from 2007
The Pentagon launched its secret AATIP program from 2007Credit: AFP
DIA letter to The Sun confirming it was publishing 1,574 pages of AATIP files
DIA letter to The Sun confirming it was publishing 1,574 pages of AATIP filesCredit: DIA

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