This startup boosts the Tesla Model S to 1,210 km of autonomy

The American company ONE revealed a prototype of Tesla Model S at CES 2022, integrating its Gemini 001 battery capable of driving 1,210 km without recharging.

With the discontinuation of the Model S Plaid+, Tesla has ended hopes of a sedan exceeding 800 km autonomy. However, a copy has passed this objective, but not thanks to Elon Musk.

Batteries with record endurance

In effect, the Tesla brand is only a donor of the carequipped with a brand new battery. The American startup ONE (Our Next Energy) developed the capacity system 203.7 kWh, is twice the original model. The feat to integrate such a battery was to increase the density to 416 Wh/L.

With such figures, what is the electric sedan capable of? The engineers made a real-life Michigan ride (United States) on December 17 to see autonomy.

Brest-Marseille without recharging

ONE reveals at CES 2022 in Las Vegas that its Model S “Gemini 001” has traveled 752 miles 1,210 kilometers before recharging, at an average speed of 88 km/h. That’s enough to connect Brest to Marseille! Off the highway of course. A second independent dyno test even got 1,419 km at that speed.

This battery is still at the experimental stage. ONE specifies thata prototype close to production will be ready in 2023. Meanwhile, at the end of 2022, the company will launch production of its more modest Aries battery. LFP type and 79 kWh capacityit weighs 550 kg and claims 287 Wh/L.

The battle for autonomy

At the same electronics fair, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the Vision EQXX at 1,000 km between each charge. Still in prototype, the German leaves the title of champion in China. The Nio ET7 and ET5 at 150 kW already reach 1,000 km of autonomy (in the Chinese cycle), while the GAC Aion LX Plus settles for 144.4 kWh for 1,008 km per load.

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