this solar roof kit wants to save you from power outages

The company EV Solar Kits has imagined a solar roof specially designed for the Tesla Model 3 to provide it with energy for an additional 120 kilometers. Still at a premature stage, this idea has its advantages and disadvantages.

Source: EV Solar Kits

What if you installed a solar roof on your Model 3? This is what the company EV Solar Kits offers through a project posted on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo – relayed by Hybrids and electric. The idea: to provide an emergency charging solution capable of providing 120 kilometers of additional autonomy to Tesla’s flagship electric sedan.

This kit includes on one side a 400W solar roof, and on the other a series of eight collapsible and stackable panels that could easily be stored in the trunk. Each of these panels generates 200 W, for a maximum peak of 2000 W if all the photovoltaic systems are combined.

Really useful ?

On paper, this idea could seem interesting to grab a few tens of kilometers. But it also has some important drawbacks to consider. Already, the level of sunshine and the weather conditions must be extremely favorable to take full advantage of it.

Also, although foldable and stackable, the famous panels to be installed near your electric car necessarily take up space in the trunk of a Tesla Model 3. However, this car is not the one that offers the largest volume of trunk. On the contrary of the Tesla Model Y, which benefits from a tailgate and phenomenal space.

Tesla Model 3: this solar roof kit wants to save you from power outages

More generally, does a Tesla really need such a solar kit when it has access to the best fast charging network in the world, with more than 30,000 Superchargers dispatched to 3,000 stations. Today, for example, crossing France in a Tesla is quite possible.

The EV Solar Kits system could rather be used for backpackers in search of discoveries and adventures, who would be far from a charging station. In this case, and always under favorable conditions, the installation of the kit combined with the solar roof could prove to be very useful in order not to fall stranded.

An alternate solution

More simply, this kit can also save you from electrical failures. It can happen. Anyway, the Indiedogo campaign is only in its infancy since it is currently impossible to finance it. Proof that the project is still only at an embryonic stage, and that no prototype is obviously to be presented.

The idea of ​​photovoltaic panels installed on electric cars is not new. Several models have already tried it, like the Lightyear One, the Fisker Ocean or even the Tesla Cybertruck (optional) when it decides to leave the assembly lines – many delays are to be noted.

Solar roofs are only a small complement to fast charging, and they do not seem to be unanimous with manufacturers in view of the costs that this can generate.

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