this robot sculpts like Michelangelo

While the artistic community has been shaken since the arrival of artificial intelligences like Midjourney, artists are not done with their problems. In fact, the Italian startup presents Robotor One L, a robot capable of sculpting marble in a spectacular way.

Magnificent sculptures thanks to a robot?

If the name Carrara might mean nothing to you, know that this Italian city has been famous for its marble quarries for years. It is this marble in particular that is prized for its whiteness, which has been used for a multitude of Italian monuments such as the famous Tower of Pisa or the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. It was with this marble that Michelangelo sculpted the impressive David.

Today many things have changed. Thanks (or because, it depends), art is at a major turning point in its history. For the sculpture, it seems to pass through a robot that is almost 4 meters tall: an L. Conceived by the start-up Robotor, based in Carrara, this robot is able to work wonders with marble. To shape it to create fascinating works. And that in a few days. While big names like Michelangelo or Antonio Canova needed several months to complete their creations.

It is certain that it is about a new era for sculpture. After all, humanity is lacking in these sculptures made by this giant robot, as talented as it is. “I think we’re at 99% [de la perfection]. But it is always the human touch that makes the difference. This 1% is very important” says Giacomo Massari, head of Robotor.

Some artists take a dim view of this innovation. Rightfully so, perhaps. Sculptor Lorenzo Calcinai fears the loss of know-how and knowledge specific to man. What if we forget how to work with our hands?

For its part, Robotor rather talks about an outsourcing of work. Like Michelangelo, who of course did not sculpt David all alone. “Robotic technology does not steal human work, but enhances it”, reassures Giacomo Massari. In that sense, Jeff Koons or Maurizio Cattelan work in close collaboration with Robotor. They will transform their ideas into 3D images and then make sculptures out of them.

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